The Big Deal about Mineral Makeup



We have so many mineral makeup options here at Like many of us, you may have been wondering about the real difference between regular makeup and mineral makeup. 


The true distinction is what mineral makeup lacks in comparison to regular makeup.

Mineral makeup contains no fragrances, preservatives, talc, dyes, filling or binding ingredients. Instead, mineral makeup is composed of – you know it – minerals. Typically, mineral products include ingredients such as iron oxides, zinc oxide, and titanium dioxide, which are ground into tiny particles and mixed with mica powders and organic oils.

Apply these products right, and mineral makeup will be the key to achieving silky, glowing skin.

To start simply, choosing to purchase mineral makeup over regular makeup means that you are already positively impacting the environment!
Mineral products have a much longer shelf life than regular makeup, meaning that you will not have to wastefully throw away unused products. Not to mention, brands such as INIKA, which specialise in mineral products, have reduced packaging and processing. INIKA’s entirely vegan products contain fewer ingredients and come in recyclable packaging to help reduce waste.
Mineral makeup is free of all the nasties that pollute the environment, making these products a much safer option for everyone!


Both breathable and protective, mineral makeup offers a positive barrier between your skin and the environment. Mineral products, such as INIKA’s Mineral Bronzer, include very few ingredients, containing mica, zinc oxide, iron oxides, and titanium dioxide. The combination of these ingredients is great for calming the skin and improving concerns such as rosacea, acne, and eczema.
Mineral foundation and powders allow your skin to breathe as they contain no filler ingredients, preservatives or fragrances that typically lead to irritation, pore clogging, and breakouts. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in most mineral products act as an SPF, while mica particles are light-reflecting – great for being in front of the camera!

INIKA’s Mineral Foundation, in particular, also contains corn starch for a silky feel and healing abilities, anti-inflammatory magnolia officinalis bark extract, as well as squalane, an oil and antioxidant found naturally in our skin.
Mineral makeup avoids the dangerous ingredients in traditional makeup and instead uses beneficial ingredients to help your skin glow.


Mineral makeup is versatile, long lasting, and creates beautiful results when applied correctly!
Many makeup artists choose mineral cosmetics as many products can be created out of a single powder. Mineral foundations can be mixed with water or other products to create liquid foundations and even concealers. Moisturisers or creams can even be mixed with coloured mineral pigments to create everything from eyeshadows to lipstick.

Not to mention, a little goes a very long way when applying mineral makeup. Mineral makeup is also highly resistant to heat and rain, allowing the product to stay in place for longer and to not melt away in the summer heat.
Using mineral products creates a noticeable difference when covering imperfections. This is because mineral makeup does not settle into fine lines and avoids creasing. The lightweight, second-skin feel of mineral products also reduces the redness, dryness, and blemishes typically caused by regular makeup.
Mineral cosmetics are great for all skin types – we’re unsure why the world hasn’t caught on already!


  • The Big Deal about Mineral Makeup

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