Makeup Application Tips and Sequence

Vegan-friendly makeup brush kit – Being pure and natural doesn’t mean compromising on brush quality!


Any good makeup artist will tell you that the quality of makeup brushes can make or break the finish on even the most expensive products. They can determine not only the finish but how much product you use and even how your skin reacts to them! So what is a natural alternative that doesn’t compromise on quality?   The Inika Organics Makeup Brush Set!
The internet is filled with both cheap and very expensive makeup brushes that the stars of the makeup world swear by. Some have cult followings, and if the number of views on YouTube for makeup brush reviews are to be believed, people everywhere want to know what they can expect for the budget they set aside for the most important tools in your makeup arsenal!

If you are looking for a cruelty free, certified organic, vegan option, then you can’t go past the Inika Organics line. This makeup set contains everything you will need to complete the most simple naked makeup look, right through to a total luxurious glamour look.

The Vegan Makeup Brush Roll provides all the necessary tools for blending, defining and highlighting your natural beauty. Featuring eight essential professional brushes in a stylish, recyclable black canvas roll that keeps your brushes safe, clean and ready for action when you need to whip out your next sensational look.
Specifically, the set contains:
·        Blush Brush
·        Foundation Brush
·        Stippling Brush
·        Concealer Brush
·        Crease Brush
·        Shadow Brush
·        Lip Brush
·        Defining Angle Brush
All brushes are made from the softest synthetic fibres and the wood is sourced through sustainable forestry, making this a 100% Vegan and completely ethical product. This ensures that not only is the choice of brush ethical, but it makes for the perfect brush for those with sensitive skin and allergies to certain fibres. Synthetic fibres: while they won’t pick up as much as natural fibres in powder or mineral products, it means that what they do pickup, they disperse onto your face with minimal wastage and you can build the coverage up to your desired consistency. Synthetic fibres are also a lot easier to look after and regular cleaning is very simple!
So let’s take a breakdown of each brush and what you can achieve with it!

Depending on the look you are going for will determine what you start with first.
If you are going for a full coverage look where you will work from a liquid or cream foundation base, up, you will use more of these brushes than if you are just going for a light “Naked” look and working from a powder mineral foundation base up.
Let’s start with looking at the full coverage and working your way up from there.
1.      Apply a primer with your hands!

Yep, this step doesn’t require the use of brushes at all. But it will allow your skin to breathe and have the right moisture content to maintain your makeup look without the cream foundation sinking into your pores or the powder sucking all the moisture out of your skin.
2.      Foundation Brush

Take a small amount of your chosen liquid or cream foundation and work it into the consistency that you want on the back of your hand or on a makeup mixing pallet. Then evenly cover your face and build the coverage up to desired consistency. This brush will help you get the most out of your foundation and will avoid the makeup’s natural oils from being wasted in your fingertips or a sponge. This makes it go further and last longer without the makeup caking as it sets.

3.      Concealer Brush

Applying your concealer to any discoloured skin sections, spots, blemishes or dark circles, use the concealer brush to pat the concealer into the skin and smooth the transition from the foundation to the concealer for a seamless finish.

4.      Stippling Brush

Take your favourite powder for setting foundation, or for applying a mineral powder foundation. Tap the excess from the brush and work the powder onto your face by first pressing the brush onto your face, with the bristles pointing straight at the surface. This will press the powder in and avoid caking up around your face in uneven areas. Work the powder under your eyes with the same movement. Then, lightly re-loading the brush with more powder, work from the centre of your face,  to the outer edges with light, circular movements. This will remove build up and give a smooth, even finish to the coverage of your face.
5.    Kabuki Brush
An alternative to the Stippling Brush above, is the Kabuki Brush which has soft synthetic, non-irritating bristles to blend loose mineral powder or your baked mineral powders into the skin to create a flawless coverage.  Dip into your loose powder or swirl into your baked powder, tap the end of the brush lightly so the powder goes down into the fibres.  Apply with downward strokes or with a gentle circular motion to create a flawless finish to your skin.  Available in two sizes of handle but the brush bristles are the same size.
6.      Crease Brush

Load the Crease brush with the base colour for your eyeshadow. For a Naked look use just a single colour that is a light shade of colour, not too far from your natural eyelid colour. If you are building up for a more glamourous eye shadow design, just coat the eyelid areas that you want to show this base colour off with.

7.      Shadow Brush

If going for a smoky eye look, or you want to fold a darker colour into the existing lighter colour in your eye shadow, use the shadow brush as a blending brush to bring the 2 shades together. You can buffer eyeliner into the colour also to accentuate the Smokey eye look also. The Shadow brush is very versatile!
If applying a liquid eyeshadow or highlighter to the eyelid to further build a glamour look, use this brush to build the pigment up.

8.      Contouring Angle Brush

Using a contour colour or bronzer that is a few shades darker than your natural skin tone, lightly load the brush and work a smooth layer of contour colour from the hollow side of your cheek bones to the edge of the apple of your cheeks, the top left and right corners of your brow on your hairline, under the left and right outer edges of your jawline to accentuate your natural shape. Lightly run the excess left on your brush down the outer edges of your nose to give contrast and to accentuate the length of your nose.
9.     Defining Angle Brush
To create a winged eye liner effect on the edge of your eyes, the use of the defining angle brush with wet eyeshadow will assist to define the outline and fill-in beautiful smooth lines toward the outer edge of your eye, towards your brows.  It can also be used to fill-in colour to your eyebrows.
10.      Blush Brush

If using a powder blush, apply a small amount to brush and apply lightly with tapping and then circular movement to the apples of your cheeks. Avoid dragging the blush along where you have already placed bronzer or contour as this will lead to a muddy look!
If using a cream blush, apply directly to the skin with your applicator and use the blush brush with firm, circular movements to work the blush into your skin.

11.      Fan Brush

Loading up the edge of one side of your fan brush with your favourite highlighter, lightly touch the highlighter to the top edge of your cheek bone where it touches the edge of your eye socket bone, also apply a tiny amount to your cupids bow (the dip above your upper lip, perhaps easier done with a finger), the tip of your nose and use the excess to accentuate your forehead a little to give a natural gloss that completes the framing of your face.  Also designed for gently brushing away any eyeshadow fallout and distributing powder around the face.
12.   Lip Brush

Once you have ensured that all excess makeup has been wiped off your lips, prepare the surface with whatever primer you want.
If you are using a traditional lipstick, draw the outline of your lips, going slightly over to ensure that the colour looks “Wrapped” around your lips to give a full look. Then colour them in. Allow to set or pad the excess dry and apply a balm or moisture lock over the top to ensure a long-lasting finish.
If you are using an ink-set style lip liner that gives a matte finish, apply directly to the skin, and follow up with a moisturising balm to ensure your lips don’t dry out from the ink!


And that is it! has all of the above which you can browse through at your leisure.
This set really does have all you need to ensure the most natural look and finish to even the most glamorous of makeup finishes!


  • Makeup Application Tips and Sequence

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