The Best Vegan and Chemical-Free Mascaras

Here’s an overview of our favourite mascaras available on our website.

At, we pride ourselves on stocking the best natural products on the market. Our entire range of natural mascaras are vegan, cruelty-free, and actually do their job, without smudges! Here’s an overview of our favourite mascaras available on our website.


This vegan and cruelty free brand, certified by PETA and CCF, has created a huge range of beauty products. The brand loves colour and is known for their bold, on trend products that give the same results as any commercial beauty products. HANAMI is also palm oil free and make their products using organic plant and mineral ingredients.


HANAMI Natural Mascara - Black

HANAMI’s natural mascara is good for your health, to animals, and to the environment – all at the same time! While this mascara only comes in black, it promises no clumping or flaking. This mascara is made entirely of plant based ingredients and no harmful chemicals.


HANAMI Natural Waterproof Mascara

HANAMI have noted that they struggled to find a vegan waterproof mascara that stays in place, before they made their own, of course! Although the brand loves natural and organic ingredients, this waterproof mascara does, in fact, contain a resin, alcohol, and emulsifier (i.e. synthetic ingredients) to enable the mascara’s waterproof abilities. Although synthetic ingredients are not ideal, HANAMI still managed to create a beautiful, vegan, waterproof, and completely run-free mascara without using beeswax, palm oil, or animal-derived stearic acid – yay!

Honeybee Gardens are also cruelty-free and PETA certified! Their products are made of the finest organic ingredients and are also very reasonably priced.
Honeybee Black Magic Natural Mascara

The brand’s natural mascara is silky smooth and totally weightless. Honeybee Gardens choose not to include clay in their mascara to avoid clumping, flaking and smudging. Better yet, the formula includes saw palmetto fruit and avocado butter for the ultimate lash conditioning, and is water-resistant and work-out proof.

Honeybee Chocolate Truffle Brown Mascara

Honeybee Garden’s award-winning mascara comes in brown as well, for a more natural emphasis to your lashes. This chocolate truffle mascara is the exact same formula as their black magic mascara, just with a lighter colour and tasty-sounding name!


INIKA is 100% Australian owned and internationally loved. All of INIKA’s ingredients are ethically sourced, derived from natural botanicals or minerals, and are free from synthetic chemicals. Entirely cruelty-free and vegan, their cosmetic range is definitely worth the hype.

INIKA Vegan Mascara

Get long and luscious lashes with INIKA’s vegan mascara in black or brown. This gentle mascara has no harsh synthetic ingredients, is packed with certified organic jojoba oil to boost lash health, and is perfect for sensitive eyes.
The mascara wand has a ‘double-z’ design with both a lengthening edge and a volumizing edge for thicker and longer looking lashes. With a promise of no irritation, no clumping, no flaking, all while being long-lasting, this mascara is a must-have for every beauty bag!

Do you have a favourite vegan or chemical-free mascara that you would like us to stock? Let us know by contacting us here.

Article written by Molly Harris

  • The Best Vegan and Chemical-Free Mascaras

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