The Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

Here are our top toothpaste picks as well as the details about some of their great ingredients and benefits, depending on what you need out of your oral hygiene routine!


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Here are our top toothpaste picks as well as the details about some of their great ingredients and benefits, depending on what you need out of your oral hygiene routine!
Desert Essence has a range of toothpastes with many sophisticated flavours and ingredients. Their Wintergreen toothpaste contains tea tree and neem, both known for their dental benefits. Neem oil is extracted from the neem tree and contains many healing properties. The oil is a potent antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, great for healing sores and keeping healthy gums!
Desert Essence’s Mega Mint toothpaste contains both baking soda and sea salt to gently and effectively clean your teeth. This toothpaste also uses a touch of myrrh and zinc citrate to reduce plaque, with peppermint and spearmint oils, of course, for minty freshness.
Desert Essence’s CoolMint toothpaste contains bamboo stem fibre and baking soda to fight stains and help whiten your teeth. This toothpaste also contains tea tree oil as an antiseptic and for a slight minty flavour, to freshen the breath.
Jack N’ Jill have created widely popular toothpastes targeted (mainly) towards kids. With awesome flavours like blackcurrant, strawberry, and blueberry, you will want to eat them all! The best part is, with no nasties, you probably could!
Their toothpastes include ingredients such as xylitol, organic calendula and organic natural flavours.
Xylitol is a natural sweetener that has great health benefits. Xylitol wards off bacteria, making it a perfect toothpaste ingredient as it helps to re-mineralise the teeth and promote great oral health.
Jack N’ Jill also include organic calendula into their toothpaste because of the ingredient’s natural healing and powerful anti-inflammatory properties.
All Jack N’ Jill toothpastes are fluoride free, sugar free, colour free, SLS free, and BPA free, great for the whole family!
KISS MY FACE sells two flavours of Kiss My Face toothpaste: cool mint and orange mint.
Cool Mint is a triple action toothpaste, meaning that it removes plaque, whitens, and prevents tartar build up. Ingredients such as tea tree and xylitol help with plaque, while zinc citrate helps with that tartar! Kiss My Face uses Iceland moss to whiten the teeth and reduce stains. We know this ingredient sounds a bit funny. However, it’s not actually moss, rather, it’s a great natural whitener!
Kiss My Face toothpastes are vegan, cruelty-free and even have a fluoride free option. While fluoride can have great benefits for your teeth, including protecting them from decay and helping to repair damage, some research shows that fluoride is in fact dangerous. Kiss My Face offers fluoride free as many of us choose to avoid this ingredient.
Kiss My Face’s Orange Mint toothpaste is for sensitive teeth. This one is made with tea tree oil, aloe vera to soothe gums, peppermint for minty freshness, and of course natural orange flavour!<
Weleda’s Salt Toothpaste is a unique product that has a very gentle, abrasive formula that works to whiten teeth. The salt in this formula also helps to prevent plaque build-up and stimulate the production of saliva. Salt can also reduce inflammation in the gums, encouraging a clean, healthy mouth.
If you choose to try out this trending toothpaste, be sure to use it differently to your regular toothpaste. Apply it to a dry toothbrush and gently scrub – otherwise the toothpaste will lose its effectiveness!
Do you have a favourite natural toothpaste? Let us know!
  • The Benefits of Natural Toothpaste

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