Safer Nail Polish Alternatives

Start detoxing, with your nail polish!


From tip to toe, you can start detoxing with your nail polish.

 It seems that we are constantly being bombarded with information from the media that chemicals are bad for us, but where do you start when it comes to getting some of those “baddies” out of circulation in your beauty regime? You can start with your nail polish!


Nail polish has evolved over the years, and now there is more chemical cocktails available to give different nail finishes than there are for cars and their paintwork! But have you ever stopped to think about what is in those nail polishes? While nail polish can be beneficial for our lifestyle to try and strengthen the nail from the outsides, and to protect the edges, the products we put on them to achieve this, can be working against us on the inside.

A recent study by Duke University Study on nail polish suggests that we absorb at least one potentially hormone-disrupting chemical every time we get a polish. While further research is yet to be done into the concentration levels that need to be reached for serious reactions to occur, Hormone disruptors have been known to lead to a host of seemingly random conditions such as infertility and depression. Because most nail polish manufacturers won’t list the ingredients on the bottle, or make them illegible, it will be hard for you to recognise what chemicals are being used, and even harder to work out which ones could have an effect on you.

There are many chemicals, which by themselves are termed as dangerous and those which have been studied and found to be safe for use on humans. One company that has done it’s research to ensure that it has the least amount of harmful chemicals, is Zoya. They have gone the extra step to take out the most harmful chemicals and to use the highest quality alternatives.


Zoya Nail Polish has been awarded as the longest wearing nail polish on natural nails by an independent beauty award panel in Women's Health Magazine, and is the only polish specifically formulated for natural nails. By using the Zoya Colour Lock System, you can achieve up to 7 - 10 days of chip free nail polish wear.

Zoya was the first company to take the 3 most harmful chemicals out of their nail polishes and now boasts having taken the 10 worst out! It is formulated without FORMALDEYDE, FORMALDEYDE RESIN, DIBUTYL PTHALATE, TOLUENE, CAMPHOR, TPHP, PARABENS, XYLENE, ETHYL TOSYLAMIDE and LEAD.  (Read our blog listing details and dangers of some of these toxic ingredients.)  And I bet you never knew that your average pharmacy brand nail polish was exposing you to all that, right!?  


Hanami Cosmetics is not far behind, with organic ingredients that are all cruelty free, and formulated without NANO PARTICLES, SLS and SLES, PALM OIL, PARABENS, plus the usual nasty chemicals TOULENE, FORMALDEHYDE, DBP, CAMPHOR, FORMALDEHYDE RESIN, ETHYL TOSYLAMIDE and XYLENE.  Still as long lasting as many other brands, Hanami natural nail polish is a much safer choice to wear on your nails.


So, take the step today and start detoxing your life by using an Ever Natural alternative. It is simple and the cost is the same, but you will find not only is the quality better, you will feel better too!


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