Lipsticks that won't harm your Health

There is nothing like a fresh application of lipstick to complete a look, but what happens when your lipstick is doing more harm than good?

It’s shocking to read the sheer amount of chemicals in commercial lipstick, not to mention their hazardous effects. With ingredients such as heavy metals, mineral oils, and carmine, it is baffling why commercial lipsticks are still on the shelves in local supermarkets and pharmacies.

There are so many safe and natural lipsticks available in the Australian beauty industry today. So, it’s about time to ditch your old, harmful lipsticks and opt for natural versions that do the job just the same – if not better!


As always, it’s important to check labels to make sure the lipsticks coming home with you are safe to wear. Here are some of the ingredients to avoid:


Used in lip products, nail polish, and some food packaging inks, benzophenone is linked to cancer, endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity, and is even harmful for our oceans. In cosmetics, this ingredient is used to prevent products from losing fragrance of colour because of exposure to UV light. Sounds like a lot of harm for very little good in return, right?

If you want to avoid this ingredient at all costs, don’t purchase products with ‘BHA’ and ‘BHT’ on the label.


Carbon Black

Carbon black is a powder used as a pigment in many cosmetics including lipstick. It is produced using coal tar and has been linked to cancer and organ problems, such as lung, bladder, and skin tumours. On product labels, carbon black can be presented as ‘D&C black no. 2’, ‘acetylene black’, ‘channel black’, ‘furnace black’, ‘lamp black’, and ‘thermal black’.


Mineral Oil

This ingredient is a known carcinogen and so incredibly common in commercial cosmetics. Mineral oil is a clear, odourless liquid made from petroleum. While this ingredient is presumed safe, it is recommended to avoid using it, especially on areas of your skin that are very absorbent, such as your lips. Cosmetic manufacturers use so many names for mineral oil on their products. To be safe, check out this list of 70 names for mineral oil to avoid when reading product labels.


Heavy Metals

Perhaps the most discussed topic surrounding cosmetics in recent years, is the use of heavy metals in lipsticks. Common heavy metals in commercial lip products include cancer-causing cadmium, arsenic, and chromium. Not to mention, lead in lipstick has also shown to be linked to neurotoxicity and hormone disruption. To hunt down heavy metals on the labels of your cosmetics, look for colourants beginning with ‘ci’, ‘red’, ‘blue’, ‘yellow’, ‘violet’, and ‘green’.



It is very hard for lipstick manufacturers to create a gorgeous scarlet red without the use of carmine. While this ingredient isn’t bad for humans, it is bad for the little creatures that it is sourced from. Carmine is made from female cochineal beetles. In fact, 70,000 of these beetles must be killed and crushed just to produce 450g of lipstick dye. If you want to reduce harm when purchasing lipsticks, avoid ‘carmine’, ‘carminic acid lake’, ‘cochineal’, ‘cochineal extract’, ‘dactylopius extract’, ‘E120’, ‘carmine 5297’, ‘B rose liquid’, ‘natural red 4’, and any ingredient on the label that sounds similar.


There are plenty of safe, natural, and pigmented lipsticks that make for luscious lips without harming yourself and the environment!

Take natural cosmetics brands HANAMI, INIKA, NEEK, and ZOYA, for example. These brands all have a fantastic range of lipsticks that are affordable and do the job just as well as any commercial lipstick – if not better!

HANAMI Lipsticks

HANAMI is a Melbourne-based brand that specialises in vibrant, high quality, cruelty-free cosmetics. All their products are vegan, mineral based, and entirely palm oil free. HANAMI is known for using jojoba oil and shea butter in their formula, for long lasting lipstick that hydrates and moisturises. Here at Ever Natural, we stock four of HANAMI’s most popular lipsticks, including ‘Odyssey’, a deep plum shade, ‘Rules Of Attraction’, a natural fiery red, ‘Scarlet Letter’, a deep red, and ‘Tempest’, a classic red.

INIKA Vegan Lipsticks

If you haven’t heard of INIKA’s lipsticks yet, you are in for a treat! INIKA has crafted the world’s first Certified Organic Vegan range of lipsticks. Each product has a creamy formulation and contains no carmine or animal derivatives, just like HANAMI. However, INIKA’s lipsticks are formulated with Certified Organic shea butter, jojoba oil, argan oil, and avocado oil for a smooth, flawless application and peace of mind. With all twelve shades available at, there is a colour for every occasion – from soft nudes to the deepest plums.

NEEK Lipsticks

NEEK has been featured in beauty magazines such as Cosmopolitan and ELLE and this is for a reason! Their lipsticks are 100% natural, with no lead and mineral oil or artificial and synthetic ingredients. Best of all, NEEK prints the everyday names of ingredients on the label, making it so easy to understand how every lipstick is made! Some favourite NEEK shades stocked at Ever Natural include the nude shade, ‘Come into My World’, the deep rose shade ‘Friday On My Mind’, and ‘Pash’, a dusty-pink shade for the perfect pout.

ZOYA Lipsticks

Did you know that the popular nail polish brand, ZOYA, have a range of fantastic lipsticks, too? The range is perfect if you are after a light weight, medium wear formula that keeps your lips moist and mess-free. With shades such as ‘Mellie’, a cool red-pink lipstick, and ‘Mackenzie’, a semi-opaque crushed berry shade, it’s impossible to go wrong with the ZOYA range.


If you’re looking for safe, cruelty-free lipsticks be sure to always check the label for unwanted ingredients, or check out our entire natural lipstick range at Ever Natural.

  • Lipsticks that won't harm your Health

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