Australia’s Best Natural Deodorant Pastes

All-natural deodorant pastes contain a formula of moisture absorbing, odour fighting, and nourishing ingredients combined with natural preservatives and essential oils.




Typically, pastes will contain ingredients such as anti-inflammatory arrowroot powder, kaolin clay, tapioca, or hydrating vegetable oil to absorb moisture. Bicarb soda (or magnesium hydroxide for those who are bicarb sensitive) is used to fight odour and bacteria, while ingredients such as coconut oil, shea butter, borage seed oil, and candelilla wax are often included to nourish and protect delicate underarm skin. Vitamin E is an additional nourishing ingredient used in deodorant pastes that also works as a natural preservative to increase the shelf life of your product.


What’s more, instead of secret fragrances, natural deodorants use a combination of essential oils, for a fresh scent and for their many anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antibacterial, odour fighting, soothing and hydrating properties. Common refreshing essential oils in deodorant pastes include ylang ylang, lemon, grapefruit, clove, rose, geranium, orange, and lime.


Natural and toxin-free deodorant pastes are not only packed with healthy and safe ingredients that are often far more effective than any spray deodorant, but they also allow your body to breathe. When you use a deodorant paste such as those by Black Chicken Remedies and Goldkind, you can trust that you will be odour-free while giving your body the room to detox.



Black Chicken Remedies – Axilla Deodorant Paste Original

‘Axilla’ is one of the most popular natural deodorants in Australia and is proven to do its job –sometimes even better than commercial deodorants! This toxin-free paste contains only natural and certified organic ingredients. With clove, peppermint, lime, and cedarwood essential oils, this deodorant has a fantastic unisex scent and keeps you feeling fresh regardless of your activity levels.


Black Chicken Remedies – Axilla Deodorant Paste Barrier Booster

As Black Chicken Remedies’ latest deodorant, ‘Barrier Booster’ was formulated to effectively absorb moisture and fight odour for those who are sensitive to bicarb soda. Containing natural magnesium hydroxide instead of bicarb, this deodorant will achieve everything the original ‘Axilla’ promises with the additional bonuses of detoxifying the skin, lowering cortisol levels to treat sensitivity, and improving cellular processes.


Goldkind Vegan Deodorant – Wake Me Up / Wake Me Up Bi-Carb Soda Free

Made in Perth, Western Australia, Goldkind deodorant is vegan, cruelty-free, and offers bicarb free alternatives to every deodorant scent. Their formula consists of arrowroot powder to absorb moisture, bicarb soda or magnesium hydroxide to fight odour, coconut oil and shea butter to nourish the skin, and a range of essential oils for antiseptic and antibacterial properties and to uplift your mood. ‘Wake Me Up’ deodorant is a fusion of eucalyptus, bergamot, and cardamom essential oils for a smooth, clean scent.


Goldkind Vegan Deodorant – Golden Citrus / Citrus Bi-Carb Soda Free

Goldkind’s ‘Golden Citrus’ deodorant has all the benefits of ‘Wake Me Up’ deodorant, except with the combination of lime, grapefruit, lemon, orange, and rose essential oils. This deodorant is perfect for those who love a sweet and citrusy scent.


Goldkind Vegan Deodorant – Spring Blossom / Spring Blossom Bi-Carb Soda Free

Goldkind’s ‘Spring Blossom’ deodorant has all the benefits of ‘Wake Me Up’ deodorant, except with the combination of ylang ylang and lemon essential oils. Ylang ylang essential oil is highly antiseptic to fight odour causing bacteria and works to boost mood and lower blood pressure. Lemon essential oil is also antiseptic, hydrating, and has the added benefits of relieving stress and boosting the immune system. This deodorant is perfect for those who like a subtle but fresh scent.





Aluminium Salts and Compounds – Aluminum salts and compounds are the core ingredients in many antiperspirants as they act by blocking sweat ducts. To plug sweat glands, the ions of aluminium compounds are drawn into the top layer of the skin. In fact, aluminium has shown to be absorbed through skin as a result of using antiperspirant.


While no studies have given conclusive evidence that this absorption leads to harmful effects on the body, researchers still have some concern that using aluminium deodorant can cause cancer. Many people choose to steer clear of aluminium deodorants as a precaution.


Parabens Parabens are preservatives that inhibit bacteria growth in cosmetics and help to increase shelf life. While there has also been no conclusive evidence that parabens cause harm, there have been small studies that have found traces of parabens in breast cancer tissue. However, many people also choose to avoid parabens as they have a clear link to skin problems such as eczema.


Phthalates – Phthalates are used in deodorant to help the formula stick. These compounds are banned in the European Union as there is evidence to suggest that phthalates disrupt testosterone in the body and provide a high risk of reproductive toxicity. Phthalates are still permitted for use in cosmetics in Australia. So, if you wish to avoid this toxin, always read labels and choose organic, phthalate-free products.


Synthetic Fragrances Nearly all commercial deodorant will have ‘fragrance’ listed on the label. As scents are protected under trade law, it is impossible to know the true formulation of this mysterious “ingredient” in every product. ‘Fragrance’ often consists of phthalates and chemicals that have caused irritation and allergic reactions in some people.


Triclosan This antibacterial agent found in many deodorants and skincare products increases the risk of allergy development in children and is a suspected hormone disruptor. Furthermore, Environment and Climate Change Canada found that triclosan builds up in the environment and is a marine life toxicity concern.




If you would like to know more about choosing a natural deodorant that works for you, read our post 6 Steps to Finding a Natural Deodorant (That Actually Works!) or browse our deodorant range at

  • Australia’s Best Natural Deodorant Pastes

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