8 Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils

The benefits of essential oils are endless, with many brands now offering their own blends of different oils, making it so easy to access the refreshing, remedial results that these natural oils have so commonly shown.



Black Chicken Remedies have recently released their ‘Festive Essential Oil Blend’, blending uplifting essential oils such as blood orange, juniper berry, and cinnamon to boost joy, optimism and emotional healing. Add this oil to your diffuser or into your bath for a lifted mood, muscular relaxation, healthy hair and glowing skin.

Australian skincare brand Salt + Glow have three elixirs to free tension, uplift the senses, and revive clarity. Their ‘Be Free’ elixir contains lavender essential oil and ylang ylang to relax muscles, rosemary essential oil for increased alertness and nourished skin, and cedarwood essential oil for increased circulation. The ‘Love Always’ elixir by Salt + Glow was formulated to ignite passion. While rose and jasmine essential oils work as aphrodisiacs, other essential oils in the formula help to maintain healthy skin and hair, such as ylang ylang and clove bud. Salt + Glow’s third elixir is called ‘Restored’. This potion uses revitalising aromas such as those of chamomile, frankincense, and ylang ylang to destress and reawaken the senses.



These magical products are also packed full of many other essential oils with unexpected benefits. Read ahead to discover the range of health concerns that these different essential oils can assist with!




Key essential oils to look for to help with acne include cinnamon, for its antimicrobial capacity, clove bud, due to its high concentration of eugenol – a potent antiseptic, and lavender or frankincense. Rose and jasmine essential oils are great for toning the skin and removing dryness, while bergamot can help reduce scars and acne marks.



Whether you’re suffering from hair loss or simply want longer and shinier locks, there is an essential oil for you! Massage an elixir with cedarwood, lavender, and ylang ylang, such as Salt + Glow’s ‘Be Free’, into the scalp to stimulate hair follicles, boost circulation to the scalp, and slow hair loss. Rose oil is also used in many hair care products for strong and healthy locks, while chamomile oil adds shine. These two essential oils are both used in ‘Restored’, which you can onto the tips of your hair to protect and smooth your locks.




While essential oils can have many topical benefits, simply gently breathing in the oils can have great physical benefits. Cypress oil, in Black Chicken Remedies’ Festive Essential Oil Blend works to clear congestion and calm the respiratory system. Additionally, it has also been shown that lavender essential oil suppresses airway inflammation and helps with asthma.



There are so many essential oils with incredible anti-inflammatory properties. In our range of essential oils at Ever Natural, be sure to look for cinnamon, blood orange, clove bud, and frankincense, which can all ease the inflammation of conditions such as arthritis, asthma, IBS, and so much more!



If you’re particularly looking to get rid of muscular and joint pain, Salt + Glow’s ‘Be Free’ and Black Chicken Remedies’ ‘Festive Essential Oil Blend’ contain lavender essential oil, which has been shown to relieve sore muscles, aches, joint pain, and rheumatism. Cedarwood and nutmeg essential oils, when massaged into the skin, lessen inflammation in the joints and ease discomfort.



If you’re in need of a bit more concentration, ‘Be Free’ or ‘Festive Essential Oil Blend’ are also the ones for you! ‘Be Free’ contains grapefruit essential oil, which stimulates the nervous system for increased alertness, as well as rosemary essential oil, often used by students to increase concentration and help with memory. On the other hand, Black Chicken Remedies’ blend is a fusion of clove bud, nutmeg, and juniper essential oils, which all work to enhance cognitive power, memory skills, and work as stimulants to overcome fatigue.



Many essential oils work to relieve tension and eliminate the headaches that are so often associated with concentration problems. Key oils to look for, if you suffer from frequent headaches, include that of cinnamon and rosemary to increase circulation, frankincense to balance hormones, lavender to relieve restlessness, and chamomile to relax the body and soothe muscles.



Chamomile essential oil also works great to treat anxiety due to its relaxing fragrance. Many of the blends at Ever Natural, such as ‘Love Always’, focus on lifting your mood with the soothing scents of blood orange, cypress, bergamot, and jasmine. Along with these oils, lavender, cinnamon, and cedarwood essential oils are also known antidepressants and work to boost the production of serotonin and reduce mental and physical fatigue through balancing hormone levels and increasing circulation. Rub this elixir onto your tension spots and pulse points whenever necessary for a quick mood lift.


Several of our essential oils can be used to make your own safe and natural home cleaning products.



As always, use your essential oils in moderation and do your research before applying essential oils, especially if you are pregnant. If you find the essential oil blend that has a fragrance you love, we promise your elixir will never leave your side. We have 30% off all Salt + Glow products, so find your one true elixir while stocks last!









  • 8 Amazing Benefits of Essential Oils

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