JuJu Menstrual Cup 40mm - Model 1

  • $60.00

JuJu Menstrual Cup 40mm - Model 1

Recommended if you are under 30 and have never given birth.  (For more information on sizing, refer to the detailed information on the Juju website.)


Make the switch to JuJu Cup and be free from strings and wings. The JuJu Cup completely replaces tampons and pads and can be worn for 2 to 3 times longer. JuJu is made in Australia from a flexible, hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone and does not contain any dyes or nasty chemicals.

Make the switch to the reusable JuJu Cup today – it’s better for the environment (and your wallet). 

•  environmentally friendly as there is nothing to throw away 

•  economic, as it can last for many years, saving you money 

•  comfortable, reliable and free from leaks and odours 

•  convenient, compact, collects more than a tampon or pad and can be worn for up to 8 hours 

•  does not contain additives such as dyes or fragrances 

•  won't cause vaginal dryness 

•  hygienic, easy to clean and disinfect 

•  ideal for women who are active and for those who travel or play sports.


How to use:  JuJu Cup is folded and inserted into the vagina where it opens, creates a seal and collects menstrual flow. It is removed, emptied, washed and re-inserted every 8 hours (or as often a required for a heavier flow). After each cycle it is disinfected and reused during the next menstrual cycle.


Ingredients:  JuJu Cup is made from medical grade silicone and does not contain any additives such as dyes or fragrances


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